Week of great opportunities: horoscope for all signs of the…

Posted by May 20, 2024

Set big goals and go boldly towards them. The period from May 20 to 26 opens up great opportunities - this applies to representatives of all signs of the Zodiac

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Pluto’s approach means you can keep trying a creative test…

Posted by May 17, 2024

OUR much-loved astrologer Meg sadly died last year but her column will be kept alive by her friend and protégée Maggie Innes.Read on to see what’s written i

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Jupiter Enters Krittika’s Third Pada: Exciting News for These Zodiac…

Posted by May 14, 2024

On May 15 2024, the zodiac’s most powerful benefic planet, Jupiter, will transit into the third pada (quarter) of the Krittika nakshatra. This nakshatra is ru

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Daily Horoscope for May 05, 2024

Posted by May 5, 2024

General Daily Insight for May 05, 2024 Emotional tension could find a fortuitous outlet at this time. As the sensitive Moon transits itchy Aries, our feelings

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