Apple has to share its Apple Pay tech with rivals,…

Posted by July 11, 2024

European Union regulators made commitments from Apple legally binding under EU antitrust rules, forcing the tech giant to share its “tap to pay” technology

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Apple stalling launch of iOS game store in Europe, says…

Posted by July 5, 2024

Apple said it was working with Epic to resolve the issue and launch its games marketplace. The European Commission declined to comment.2 min read Last Updated

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Lately: A dumb smartphone for kids, the EU’s tech crackdown…

Posted by June 28, 2024

Hi, I’m Samantha Edwards, an editor at The Globe and Mail. Welcome back to Lately, The Globe’s new tech newsletter – and if you’re here for the first ti

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Apple’s App Store terms break EU tech rules, EU regulators…

Posted by June 24, 2024

Apple's App Store rules break the European Union's tech rules because they prevent app developers from steering consumers to alternative offers, EU antitrust

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EU classifies iPadOS as a ‘gatekeeper’ subject to DMA rules

Posted by April 29, 2024

The European Commission has classified Apple’s iPadOS as a “gatekeeper” under the EU’s new tech competition rules,

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Apple retreats in fight to defend App Store in Europe

Posted by March 13, 2024

Apple made a major concession in its battle to protect the dominance of its App Store on iPhones and other devices in Europe on Tuesday, saying developers will

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