List of top 10 easiest countries to get a Schengen…

Posted by June 21, 2024

For the summer of 2024, the easiest Schengen visas to obtain are issued by Iceland, Switzerland, Latvia, and Italy, as these countries have lower rejection rate

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Portugal is facing suspension from the Schengen Zone. Here’s what…

Posted by May 15, 2024

Travelers eyeing Portugal as their next destination should stay informed about a developing situation that could impact their plans. The European Union (EU) is

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Travelling to Europe? How to get 5 year Multiple-Entry Schengen…

Posted by March 8, 2024

1/7When do you need a Schengen Visa?If you are entering the Schengen Area from a country where there is no visa-free travel agreement, you need to apply for a S

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