How an ‘anxious’ Europe can stop foreign interference in elections

Posted by May 13, 2024

Weeks from the European elections, there have been many public instances of foreign interference. This is what is being done to limit its impact. A

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Which key tech lawmakers will stay in Brussels?

Posted by May 6, 2024

We've listed the most influential incoming and outgoing members of the EU Parliament on digital issues. ADVERTISEMENTWith about a month to go until

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Clean tech sector and NGOs produce alternative election manifestos

Posted by May 3, 2024

Election manifestos are not the preserve of political parties vying for seats in the European Parliament: the run-up to the 6 June poll has seen indust

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‘Europe is mortal’: Macron calls for more EU unity and…

Posted by April 25, 2024

The 27-country bloc needs to urgently rethink its defence and economic models to not fall behind its rivals, the French leader said. ADVERTISEMENTT

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