Flagship Pioneering crosses the pond, opens a European front

Posted by November 29, 2023

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What Makes a Carrot Orange? New Findings Could Lead to…

Posted by November 26, 2023

A new study has uncovered that three recessive genes are responsible for the orange color in carrots, offering insights into carrot breeding and health benefits

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Finland’s ex-EU commissioner Olli Rehn apologizes for albino remark

Posted by August 17, 2023

Olli Rehn — the governor of the Bank of Finland, a former European commissioner and a contender to be his country's next president —

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Super crops are coming: Is Europe ready for a new…

Posted by July 3, 2023

Brussels is finalizing a law to legalize new gene-editing technologies for crops across the European Union. The EU’s ultra-restricti

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Russia’s twilight zone, where wartime life is nearly normal

Posted by May 13, 2023

VORONEZH, Russia — The Russian jets flying overhead to Ukrain

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