Spain is now Europe’s most despicable nation

Posted by June 8, 2024

Spain’s hard-Left pile-on against Israel is a foretaste of dangerous things to come under a Labour government in Britain. Mad

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‘I’m not sure this helps us much’: European countries are…

Posted by May 28, 2024

Will these new recognitions, which the U.S. and larger European nations have not joined, bring full Palestinian statehood closer and improve the lives of Palest

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Israel furious as European trio recognises Palestinian state – World…

Posted by May 23, 2024

JERUSALEM <p>Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is applauded by MPs and members of Government after delivering a spe

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Far right Israeli minister slams European trio’s recognition of Palestine

Posted by May 22, 2024

Israel's far-right national security minister visited a contested religious site in east Jerusalem on Wednesday, where he slammed three European countries for a

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Eurovision’s slogan is ‘United By Music.’ This year, fans and…

Posted by May 14, 2024

Eurovision's slogan is "United By Music," but this year's edition of the singing competition was marked by unprecedented protests.Non-binary Swiss artist Nemo t

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Scramble for million-dollar summer rentals as super-rich Americans shun European…

Posted by May 12, 2024

As Memorial Day approaches, those still wishing to secure summer Hamptons rentals must be prepared to shell out huge bucks for temporary residences out east.Thi

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