How von der Leyen could still lose her job

Posted by June 11, 2024

Squaring these two seemingly irreconcilable positions will be “the biggest challenge,” Eickhout said. Celebrate today, negotiate tomorrow In the mo

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EU’s top diplomat race gets very crowded

Posted by June 7, 2024

An EU diplomat concurs. “What the EEAS [the EU’s diplomatic corps] needs is more money, better people and better HRVPs,” added the insider, who was gra

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EU defense commissioner: The flashy new job that ain’t all…

Posted by June 4, 2024

Central and Eastern European nations suggest those directly in Russia's crosshairs should be first in line. “It makes sense,” Latvian Defense Minister An

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Clean tech sector and NGOs produce alternative election manifestos

Posted by May 3, 2024

Election manifestos are not the preserve of political parties vying for seats in the European Parliament: the run-up to the 6 June poll has seen indust

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Businesses in the EU’s education sector

Posted by March 18, 2024

In 2021, the businesses in the EU’s education sector comprised a total of 855 700 enterprises, which represented 2.8% of all enterpris

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