The European Union in five figures

Posted by June 2, 2024

Here are five key figures about the European Union, which elects its new lawmakers from June 6-9:4.2 million square kilometresThe 27-nation bloc stretches from

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Hungary urges EU to emulate Georgia’s ‘Russian bill’ – World…

Posted by May 17, 2024

BUDAPEST Hungary would encourage other European Union members to adopt laws similar to Georgia's highly contested "foreign influenc

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EU urges Georgia to withdraw ‘foreign influence’ law – World…

Posted by May 15, 2024

BRUSSELS The European Commission on Wednesday slammed Georgia for passing a "foreign influence" law targeting overseas-funded NGOs

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EU classifies iPadOS as a ‘gatekeeper’ subject to DMA rules

Posted by April 29, 2024

The European Commission has classified Apple’s iPadOS as a “gatekeeper” under the EU’s new tech competition rules,

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