Munich hails ‘Scotoberfest’ as 100,000-strong Tartan Army hit the beerhalls…

Posted by June 13, 2024

Others had taken over a business class flight from Dubai on their way here after a surprise upgrade saw several Scotland fans f

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Hungary to be fined €1m a day until it complies…

Posted by June 13, 2024

Mr Orban has regularly been at loggerheads with the EU over asylum policy since the migration crisis of 2015.More than a millio

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Sinn Fein’s support collapses in local and European elections

Posted by June 10, 2024

Eight weeks later, he said he was “delighted” by the results on Monday. But he ruled out calling an early general election,

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Macron trounced in EU Right-wing surge

Posted by June 9, 2024

Reacting to the news, Ms Le Pen said: “This historic election shows that when the people vote, the people win.” She cast th

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Euro 2024: Your complete guide

Posted by June 5, 2024

How to watch Euro 2024 on TVAs has been the case for some time now, in the United Kingdom the BBC and ITV/STV will share broadc

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Nato land corridors could rush US troops to front line…

Posted by June 4, 2024

Plans are also being drawn up to transport troops via ports in the Balkans, as well as through Norway, Sweden and Finland.In th

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England’s Euro 2024 warm-up matches vs Bosnia and Iceland: When,…

Posted by June 3, 2024

Bukayo Saka and John Stones have been ruled out of England’s friendly against Bosnia in their preparations for Euro 2024.Gare

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‘EU may sanction Israel’ unless it ends Rafah operations

Posted by May 28, 2024

Last week, the ICJ issued provisional orders calling on Israel to cease its military operation in Rafah.Israel was told to “i

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England’s Euro 2024 squad: When is it named and how…

Posted by May 21, 2024

When will the final England squad be named for Euro 2024?The final deadline for submission of final Euro 2024 squads is June 7,

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EU chief criticised for offering ‘sincere condolences’ to Iran

Posted by May 20, 2024

His coalition partner Caroline van der Plas, the leader of the Dutch farmers party, posted a corrected version of Mr Michel’s

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Thirty years on, new EU rules could kill the Channel…

Posted by May 6, 2024

Over three decades, nearly 500 million people and more than 100 million vehicles have passed beneath the waters of the English

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Here’s the Cheapest Time to Travel to These Popular European…

Posted by May 2, 2024

Visiting Europe is a top goal for a lot of Americans this summer. I mean, for 20 states in the US, Italy is the most searched summer vacation destination. Plus,

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